The smallest device of magnetic field in the world. It provides anywhere a personal “shield” against the electromagnetic waves.

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Manufacturer Advanced Medical System
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For people with electromagnetic sensitivity

It’s used as a USB device and is connected to the computer through the USB. It uses the electricity of the computer generating a magnetic field of 7,8 hertz (Schuman frequency) as long as the computer is running (it doesn’t interfere with any program of your computer).

The frequency of 7,8 hertz is modulated with 1,2 hertz, with which we achieve a good effect for people with electromagnetic sensitivity.

The effective range of the MEDISEND protect is 40 cm. aprox (80 cm of diameter). There is no limit regarding its time of use.


La electromagnetic waves have a key role in all the human beings. This is because of they control and regulate the endogenous “bio-currents”. The communication between the cells and from the brain, the muscles and the organs, it’s based on small electromagnetic impulses. If those bio-currents are constantly interrupted for the electromagnetic pollution from the exterior, the electric mechanisms of our organism may desynchronize since our control circuits are biologically very sensitives if they are continually interrupted and subdued to a strong pressure.

The modern work facilities are full of electromagnetic sources. We sit between computers, laptops, faxes, telephones, photocopiers, printers… we must be constantly available, and we use earphones, mobile phones. We work with UMTS, WLAN and Bluetooth to assure the high-speed data transfer with flat rate and being permanently connected. The kids and the teenagers, particularly, often are seated more than four hours in front of the computer while they are chatting…


Observe how you react to the electromagnetic pollution. The biorhythms, the hormonal balance, the immune system, the insomnia, headaches, tension and the reduction of the productivity must be important symptoms of an increase of your electro-sensitivity.
Because of this, protect yourself and your loving ones with the Medisend protect.


The Schumann frequency of 7,8 hertz (the main inherent value of the earth surface / resonance system of the ionosphere = Yang signal) which is overlap for 1,2 Hz.

The Geomagnetic frequency (modulation of the earth electromagnetic field for the natural frequencies of the 64 trace elements = Yin signal)