The CEPES-Laser® makes possible the local and systematic actions through the bio-energetic regulation of the organism cell field.


The CEPES-Laser® works with red light with a wavelength of λ = 650 nm and with a potency of ≤ 1 mW.

The pressing magnetic field which is emitted at the same time that the laser’s light has a penetration level in the organism of approximately 11,81 inches.
In a physiological level, the electromagnetic field must be used in a very low intensity enough to reach its act threshold. A higher intensity can have a counterproductive effect.

You can work only with the chosen frequency or use the hole of the CEPES-Laser® to deposit on it the ampoule with the substrate and transfer its information to the body. The pulsating electromagnetic field is an excellent transport wave to the transference of the whole frequency spectrum of the substrate. You can use exogenous information, meaning homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers, Schüssler salts… as well as endogenous information, from the body.

To transfer the information of a homeopathic remedy (for example, Arnica), we put 3-5 drops of the remedy on an empty glass ampoule and we put it in the hole of the CEPES-Laser®. Quantity of the substance is not a matter, because a small amount is enough to transfer the information. The glass ampoules must have a diameter of 3-4 inches to be able to enter in the laser hole.


- Soft-laser with a continue or intermittent red light with frequency of Nogier of 1,2 Hz. 

- Pulsating magnetic fields with 3 frequencies 

       - 7,8 Hz (to equilibrate)
       - 3 Hz (to calm)
       - 33 Hz (to stimulate) 

- Option of introducing homeopathic vials with different information to be lead to the organism through the laser and the pulsating magnetic field.

- Possibility of changing the beam of light from 0,07 inches to 0,27 inches.

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Explained in the description. The CEPES-Laser works with two AAA batteries which can be easily changed removing the screw in the back. The batteries can be used for 2.000 treatments approximately. If you notice that the intensity of the light decreases or that it has errors you must replace the batteries.

Magnet therapy pistol

Magnet therapy pistol

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