Every Armonite is a unique piece, hand-made and with a certificate of authenticity. Suitable for consultation.


The proposals realized by numerous authors from several research areas, about the sun’s activity correlation, the magnetosphere, the ionosphere, the thunderstorms and the Earth local magnetic fields, has brought us to the conclusion that the harmony in the places where we usually live is essential for our health.

In the last decades the study of the influence of a wide spectrum of radiations, has brought us to conclude that our energetic equilibrium depends of a harmonic dialog between the Earth and the cosmos. This is a fact known for the ancient traditions, studied by the dowsing as radiation of the waveforms, and occasionally managed through devices like organic pyramids or cameras, has been also studied by the ancient art of Feng Sui.

The study of unhealthy places for geological faults, underground currents, ionizing radiations, alteration in the intersection of geomagnetic lines, and its effect on the live beings, has brought us to conclude that the telluric and cosmic radiations are necessary to explain the harmony or disharmony that several places have over the quality of live.

It’s not enough compensate the telluric emission or the impact of cosmic radiation, since according to the geomagnetic field and the local structure of the local earth crust, the high frequency radiations resulting from the space can have variable effects.

A difficulty bound to the study of the waveform harmony and the energetic radiations of a place, is the aggregated impact that the artificial radiation has over them. The multiplication of the variables is such, that the only way to measure the impact of the combination of these cosmos-telluric and artificial radiations, and to include factors like the material and morphic structure of our houses, is confirm its effect over the live beings. Like this, any suitable measure of any device destined to the compensation of energetic, morphic or information imbalances, is the one of its benefits over the live beings which live in an unbalanced place.

This is achieved with a measurement over the vital parameters as energetic levels realized directly through the autonomous vascular signal. A supplementary option is the following of the vitality and health recovery of the plants located in severe unbalance zones.

The Armonite is a work from the sculptor Hamilton Duque, it’s based on the golden ratio and the Fibonacci series and includes the waveforms harmonizer of the Universe as well as the archetypal and ordering information. Every piece is unique.

Every Armonite is a unique piece, hand-made and with a certificate of authenticity. Suitable for consultation.

The Armonite has oval shape and inside of it we can see the five solid platonic (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron), crowned by the figure of the tetrahedral star or Mecaba and the sphere. In the lower part if has a base of aluminum, iron and cooper shavings. Over it rest representative elements of the three kingdoms: the mineral, the vegetal and the animal one, as well as different kinds of quartz, amethysts and other gems along with gold and silver leaf.

The Armonite is the final result of an investigation line which combines the effect of an organic energy device with the harmony of the waveforms produced by the 5 regular polyhedron – perfect solids or platonic – and the Merkaba. To this is added the emission of a harmonizer signal that comes from the central antenna, which inner core is the system’s heat and the key of the compensatory effect over the local cosmo-telluric discordances. This signal, magnetically activated, produces and harmonizer effect of the cosmo-telluric radiation influence over the habitants of a place.

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